Istanbul Medeniyet University, Department of Economics, with its undergraduate and graduate programs, offers our students a qualified education, research opportunities and multidimensional guidance that continues after graduation. In addition to the data-based skills courses in our Turkish and English undergraduate programs, internship opportunities enable our students to graduate with the skills required for qualified positions in the private sector and public institutions.

All of our programs are structured to ensure that each student receives a unique education. In this way, we offer all our students a personalized education plan that is different from the others in line with their own interests.

Students in our undergraduate programs have the opportunity to complete a double major and minor program in other departments of our faculty, as well as to follow an education program that is unique among state universities with a large number of elective courses that they can take from many departments in our university. The undergraduate education programs we implement encourage our students to develop themselves in a versatile way.

All of our students receive one-on-one, face-to-face or online guidance services from Professors, Associate Professors and Doctors who are competent in their fields. We attach particular importance to the fact that our students stay in close contact with the instructors of the courses outside of class hours.